A hot bath a day keeps the Doctor away?

Every morning when I wake up I have about 10 minutes before I remember that there is a world of chaos out there. We, as a country, and as a people are in some serious times. I try and limit my daily intake of news and newsy related items but it can be difficult when you want to maintain some sense of the world. It feels like the entire planet is suffering from PTSD and it can be overwhelming and very stressful. This type of living strains our relationships, makes us sick and pulls us away from living a meaningful life. At the risk of sounding a little Oprah, I feel like it’s of the upmost importance to get back to living with meaning. Taking care of our health is an essential step in stress management. And so is a good bath. That’s why all month long free lavender bath salts are my Stress Management gift for you. Come in, get your acupuncture, and get your Zen on.

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