In-Home Care for Seniors & Hospice

GAA is excited to announce our new In-Home Acupuncture Care for seniors and hospice populations. I have been enamored with seniors since I was child. There is nothing more enriching for me than to sit with a cup of tea, pour over vintage photos and recall golden years with a sassy old timer. While romancing the past may be a gift for the aged, often our “Golden Years” are tainted with major aches, pains, and the eventual reality of our bodies giving out. Chinese Medicine is a safe, non invasive and effective way to tackle the ┬áhurdles of everyday living. The damage of our youth finally catching up with us, and the emotional roller coaster of confronting our mortality can take a major toll on our health and wellbeing. With our new in-home Senior Program & hospice care we address such issues and strive to help make these transitions peaceful.


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