Home Health Packs!

The weather induced sniffles and the rapidly approaching holiday madness has inspired me to get together a Home Health Pack. This pack has got what you need to get you through cold and flu season as well as a few home health essentials. Limited quantity available so come and get ’em soon! Here’s what I have for you.

Home Health Pack includes:

One box Yin Qiao San. (12 vials) – enough for whole family to use. This is indicated for common heat/type colds. Symptoms include fever, body aches, chills, sneezing, sore throat. To be taken at first sign of cold.

One Box Salonpas plasters(40 sheets) – external pain relieving patches good for arthritis, muscle aches and bruises.

One vial Ching Wan Hung (burn cream) – Or what I like to call “Magic Sauce”. This sesame based ointment treats all types of minor burns and skin issues. Perfect for cooking burns, insect bites, sunburn, etc. Seriously, magic.

One Bottle Bao He Wan teapills – Exactly what the Acupuncturist ordered for Holiday Feast madness. This herbal formula is used for indigestion and bloating due to over indulgence. Perfect to pass around the post turkey table.

One Large Bottle Lavender Bath Salts – Handmade oraganic bath salts. Lightly scented bath salts to warm you up and chill you out.

One trial size By Nieves Vitamin C Serum – the ultimate skin beautifier! Jam packed with nutrients this serum is the go to for many skin issues.

Each home health pack is $50.00. Spread the health!

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