Creating Your In Home Pharmacy

Remember when you scraped your knee playing outside? You ran inside, knee burning, dreading what was coming next -Mom coming at you with the Bactine. Me and my clumsy self became fast enemies with the likes of Bactine; it’s one of the standouts from my childhood. These days I’m still prone to taking a spill here and there and now I treat myself with the aid of my Home Herbal Medicine Cabinet, sans Bactine. Having your own personal pharmacy/first aid kit is a great way to save money and explore what suits your body best. I’ve put together a few of my favorite things that I like to keep on hand. **This is for in-home care and not intended to treat serious conditions** I know you know this already 😉

Scrapes, burns, bites. Tis the season for all things itchy and scratchy. My go to is Calendula. I use Calendula from everything to scrapes and cuts to sunburns and bug bites. It’s my all time favorite herb and can be used to several different forms. Calendula is known to be anti-inflammatory and anti-viral in nature. It can be used in a tincture, infused oil or cream.

Lavender Oil: Same as above only I find this to be less potent. A couple drops of diluted lavender oil on scrapes is helpful and relaxing. Infused into bath water post beach day.

Witch Hazel: Antiseptic and astringent! Witch Hazel can the work horse of the first aid kit. Good for everything from bug bites to blisters to hemorrhoids. Not to be taken internally Witch Hazel can also be used to dilute other essential oils used topically.

Aloe Vera Gel: Sweet smelling and fast acting for burns and scrapes. Pure Aloe Vera juice and gel can be used internally and is good for digestion as well as mouth sores.

Headaches: Before you reach for those NSAIDS try a couple of drops of peppermint oil on your temples with some strong chamomile tea.

Bruises & Swelling: Arnica! Taken internally or as a topical application has been known to reduce inflammation reduce swelling. For swelling remember ice within the first 24 hours then move on to heat to promote circulation. And get some acupuncture within the first 24 hours to facilitate a quicker healing time!

Nausea and Vomiting: Dried ginger capsules can quell nausea and vomiting. Strong ginger tea made fresh from the root can ease digestion but can be warm for some people. In a pinch munching on some ginger candy can also do the trick.

This list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the awesomeness that can be at your finger tips. I always rotate the star players with the seasons. I.e. Digestive herbs during the holidays, sleep inducing herbs during Daylight Savings and calming essential oils during tax time. There’s a home remedy for almost all that ails you so don’t be shy to ask us how you can treat simple maladies yourself!

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