New Years Resolutions?

As a very goal oriented person I am often put off by the thought of a new years resolution. Having said that, I do love the symbolic beauty of a new year. A fresh start, an evolved outlook, a second chance. For many the new year is a time to rethink health and fitness goals. I often see an uptick in patients looking to lose weight, get real about nutrition, etc. Most of you know how much I love to use food as the first line of defense when it comes to any health related issue and it seems a good time of the year to talk about doing a purification. When I hear “detox”, “cleanse” or anything of the like I usually run the other way, however, the fact of the matter is almost all of us need a little help. The 21 day Purification Program from Standard Process is a cleanse system that I trust and use for myself and my family. This program uses food, lifestyle, and metabolic supportive supplements to help push the restart button on your health. There is no starving, or excessive purging with this program. It’s safe and gentle for everyone in the family to use and it serves as a great jumping off point to really getting your nutritional habits on track.

Purification, also known as detoxification, can help you remove natural toxins from your body and help maintain a healthy weight. We are exposed to external toxins continually, including pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals. Internally our bodies produce waste byproducts as a result of normal metabolic function. Although your body is designed to rid itself of these toxins naturally, it can become overburdened. Purification offers your body additional support to expel natural toxins and minimize your weight, which is important to maintaining your health and vitality. This purification is great for those looking to reduce carb and sugar intake (or addiction), support the liver, lose excess weight, improve sleep and mental clarity and most important feel healthy and strong. There are varying levels of intensity that you can take this purification and I would be more than happy to help you tailor this to fit your health needs/expectations.

As my holiday gift to you I am putting the 21 Purification on sale for $150 (regularly $230) when you place your order by December 24th. I hope that you take advantage of this great program and we all start the new year off right, together. Give us a call or shoot an email with any questions.

Cheers to your health!

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